Facebook is developing a fiat-backed stablecoin payment system

While details have remained scarce, Facebook has plans to create its own cryptocurrency have not exactly been secret. But with its latest announcement, Facebook looks to be developing its own stablecoin-backed payment system, The Wall Street Journal reports. In what it is calling Project Libra, Facebook is developing a stablecoin backed by government AKA fiat currency. It has not disclosed what currency, though. A source close to the matter confirmed to The Block that Facebook is actively looking for financial firms to assist in making Project Libra a reality. Facebook is also in conversations with payment networks Visa and Mastercard to support the launch. The social media Goliath is reportedly thinking about using its stablecoing as part of its advertising platform. It would supposedly reward users for viewing adverts and purchasing the associated product. Kind of like an elaborate affiliate scheme. The social media giant has not eluded as to when its stablecoin payment network will launch. But with this news, its cryptocurrency plans do become a little clearer. Did you know? Hard Fork has its own stage at TNW2019, our tech conference in Amsterdam. Check it out.

Xbox enshrines wholesome trash talk in its community standards

Microsoft changed the wording of its standards, explicitly banning offensive trash talk on its services and offering less crass alternatives. It sounds hokey at first the examples of player banter sound so calculatedly good-natured they will make your teeth ache at first glance but considering how often players can not seem to tell the difference between trash talk and harassment, it is an instruction some will need.

ASUS made a souped up gaming phone so I used it to play Snake

With phones getting endlessly more powerful, it sometimes feel like a pointless arms race. Like, what do we need all that juice for Faster scrolling on Instagram 3D GIFS Fucking Animoji Well, with its beefed up ROG phone, ASUS has an answer: gaming. Muscular mobiles should be for gaming. I first covered Asus ROG phone over the Summer of 2018. Then, recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a review unit for a few weeks. While I was messing about with it, I was struck by something: yeah, a phone this powerful can play modern, 3D games easily, but how would it deal with a classic mobile game? How would it handle something like Snake